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Willoway Nurseries -- Rooted to Grow! One of largest wholesale growers in midwest and within top 40 nationwide. Willoway encompasses ~ 550 acres of field production and 450 acres of container stock which includes 32 acres of climate controlled greenhouses. We carry > 2,000 different plant varieties including shade trees, ornamental trees and shrubs, evergreens, perennials, and flowering annuals.

Rootmaker® -- Root Pruning Container System
"The Original Root-Pruning Container System" .... From propagation to finish, RootMaker containers consistantly produce better plants with fibrous, non-circuling root systems that empower plants to thrive. FEATURED: 32-cell Propagation Trays

Profile Products -- Turface
Profile Golf™: Products and resources designed to help golf course architects, builders and superintendents find effective solutions for both maintenance and construction. Turface Athletics™: Products that maximize sports field safety and performance.

Power Planter -- Garden Drill Augers
A garden drill auger from Power Planter gives you the same type of tool professional landscapers use to dig holes quickly and easily. Whether you need to plant bulbs, seeds or grass plugs in your beds or containers, try our line of garden bulb augers.

The Perennial Farm -- Deer-Leerious Plants
Deer-Leerious TM plants have been chosen based on research, reference guides and experience from gardeners throughout the country, as plants deer don’t like to eat.

Oglesby Plants International -- Tropical Plants
Since 1947 we've offered tropical young plants to start your tropical line or compliment your existing line. All of our tropical plants are produced directly from tissue culture so you can count on a clean healthy start every time.

Michell's -- Fairy Gardening
Offering over 60 varieties of miniature plant selections and hundreds of hardgoods items to make the perfect miniature garden --- Growing your business from the ground up since 1890. Serving retailers, landscapers, greenhouse growers, and wholesalers nationwide.

Landmark Plastic -- Interlocking Surface Tiles
Easy to clip together and install by hand, our Interlocking Surface Tiles, made from a special formulation of recycled tires and polypropylene resin, provide stable surfaces even in typically slippery and puddle-filled areas.

JRM Chemical -- Water-storing polymer products Soil Moist reduces the amount of water needed to maintain vigorous plants and other green goods. When mixed in the soil, the crystals will soften and swell as water is added and absorbed.   FEATURED: Soil Moist, Mycorrhiza and waterstoring polymer products

Harnois Greenhouses -- Luminosa Greenhouse Series
Offering the best to vegetable or ornamental operations, this high technology greenhouse combines smart engineering and agronomic know-how. It comes in two versions: one optimized for warm/snowless climates and one for Nordic/temperate climates.

Bouldin & Lawson -- Greenhouse & Nursery Equipment
Our product line numbers > 80 items including automated transplanters, seeders, flat and pot fillers, soil mixers and baggers, rose wrappers and seed cleaners.
FEATURED EQUIPMENT: Soil Bagging System .... Pot Loading System

SUNSHINE® MIX PF -- Professional Growing Mix
A new product, with Natural Peatland Aggregate, for growers who require a perlite-free mix. This blended mix contains grower grade Canadian Sphagnum peat moss and naturally aged peatland aggregate -- will provide optimum aeration, moisture retention and porosity for plant roots.

Succulents Unlimited -- Personal cutting program
Succulents Unlimited is a company trading cuttings of different plant selections to all parts of the world. Newly collected plants and new hybrids will be added to our selections at a regular basis.   Featured Succulents: Unrooted Cuttings ... Tropical Foliage Liners

Renee's Garden -- Vegetable, Flower & Herb Seeds
The Garden To Table Seed Company. The Best Heirloom & Gourmet Vegetable, Flower & Herb Seeds. Packet Seed Solutions for Garden Supply Retailers!
FEATURED: Renee's Garden & Cornucopia Packet Garden Seeds

Everde Growers™ - formerly TreeTown USA
Our family-owned nursery has 14 growing locations throughout Texas, Florida, California, and Oregon consisting of over 6,000 acres of production. We produce nearly 33 million plants each year.   FEATURED: Elaeocarpus decipiens ... Cercis canadensis

Pope's Plant Farm -- 100+ varieties of succulents
Popes Plant Farm is a family owned and operated greenhouse facility. Since 1972, we produce a large variety of plants including spring annuals, fall mums, pansies, poinsettias, with our newest addition being a full line of succulents.

Pacific Plug & Liner -- Perennials
Delivering New & Innovative Plants .... Pacific Plug & Liner is part of a horticultural heritage that dates back over a century, providing a higher standard of perennial quality through our robust programs of sturdy, unique varietals, grown by our team.

Koppert Biological Systems -- Partners with Nature
Koppert Biological Systems produces sustainable cultivation solutions for food crops and ornamental plants. Together with growers and in partnership with nature, we work to make agriculture and horticulture healthier, safer, more productive and resilient.
FEATURED: Spidex Vital & Boost, Swirski Mite

IPM Laboratories -- Plant Pest Management
Beneficials at work .... IPM Laboratories supplies beneficial organisms for the biological control of pests and the information that you need to be successful with them. FEATURED: Aphid Guard Aphid Banker Plants

ENSACA -- Bagging Machines / Widening Horizons
Bagging and dispensing machine sandbagging, seeds, seedlings, topsoil, fertilizer, compost, mulch, gravel, pebbles, river rocks, mortar, cold asphalt, dry and wet pellets.
FEATURED MACHINES: Allkaz Seeds & Seedlings ... Bagging & Dispensing

Crescent Garden -- Planters
Crescent Garden takes inspiration from the idea that planters should help plants thrive, without compromising on design. We make a simple customer promise ...
We help you grow!   FEATURED PLANTERS: Nest & Pleat Planters

Burley Clay Products -- Birdbaths & Planters
Stoneware Pottery Birdbaths & Planters ... Since 1923, Burley Clay Product’s has manufactured beautiful, handmade pottery birdbaths and planters in Roseville, Ohio.
FEATURED: Burley Pottery Catalog ... view online!

Bellpark Horticulture -- Visser NA
Horticultural Automation Solutions: Transplanting, Filling, Grading, Seeding, Watering, Shipping Systems, Pot Handling, Soil Handling, and Custom Solutions.
Featured Products: Visser Vitoy .... Mayer TM-2020F

I Must Garden -- Natural Animal Repellents
I Must Garden offers a wide range of powerful pest repellents and insect controls that are safe for the environment, pleasantly scented, and sold exclusively to independent retailers. I Must Garden has become one of the premier names in natural pest repellents.

Advanced Grower Solutions -- Software for Plant Growers
Plan, Grow, Track and Ship. Designed for Wholesale Nurseries and Greenhouses, our software products focus on Crop Production, Inventory by Location, Sales Orders and Master Orders, Order Pulling, Tagging, Shipping, and Online Availability.

2plant International -- A complete perennial program
Lily Looks™, Growing Colors™ and More Quality bare root, plugs & bulbs. 2Plant International works with you to develop a great balanced perennial program with the newest plant introductions as well as the reliable standards.

Velosio -- Greenhouse Management System
Greenhouse Growers, Nurseries and Propagators can make better, more profitable decisions about production, operations, inventory, labor and shipping by having all critical business data in a single, easily accessible greenhouse management solution.

Suntory Flowers -- disease resistant shrub rose lines
Suntory Flowers is a world class breeder that created the vegetative annuals market with Surfinia petunias, Million Bells calibrachoas, Temari and Tapien verbenas, and Summer Wave torenias.   FEATURED: Rose 'Brindabella Crimson Knight'

Juniper Farms -- Irving Forest Products
Producers of Professional Grade Peat Moss and Growing Media Products. We are members of the Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association.
FEATURED: Professional Grade Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss

Mariner Business Solutions -- GreenPoint
Mariner Business Solutions provides a full-featured Point of Sale (POS)/Inventory Management solution specifically designed for the Garden Center Industry.
FEATURED: Mariner GreenPoint, powered by the NCR Inventory Engine

Lallemand Plant Care -- Jet Harvest
Specialize in biological plant protection, stress reduction and biofertilization products that improve productivity and plant vitality, without undesired pesticide residues.

JR Peters -- Jack's Classic Fertilizer
Finest in Water Soluble Fertilizers -- Quality plant food since 1947.
The family at JR PETERS INC. has Soluble Fertilizer products for true hobbyist home growers. Jack’s Classic ... Professional Grade Fertilizer for Home Gardener.

J. Berry Nursery -- Innovative flowering shrubs
Discovering & Delivering Great Plants ... Everything that we do is geared towards the delivery of great plants to our customers. Plants leave our nursery retail ready!
FEATURED PLANT: Hollywood Hibiscus

DeGroot Inc -- perennial, flowerbulb, fruit & vegetable
We carry full selection of Perennials, Spring Flowerbulbs, Fall Flowerbulbs, Small Fruits & Vegetable. Our Retail Ready Packaging is bilingual, colorful, informative and comes with complete planting instructions, making a great impact on any display. Wooden racks & floor displays and case packs available.   FEATURED: Bulk Products & Retail Products

Coast of Maine -- Soils, Fertilizers
Great Gardens Start with The Best Soils & Fertilizers .... Naturally! We supply organic and traditional bulk/bagged products to garden centers, nurseries, greenhouses. Our unique marine based compost brings the benefits of the ocean to anything you're growing.
FEATURED: Bar Harbor Blend Organic Potting Soil ... Sprout Island Organic Seed Starter

Ernst Benary of America -- We bring beauty to the world®!
For over 170 years Benary's breeding team has developed some of the most sought after varieties in Begonias, Pentas, Petunias, Marigolds, Rudbeckia and Zinnia.
FEATURED: BIG® Begonias ... Nonstop® Begonias

Eastern Shore Nursery of Virginia -- Container-Grown Trees
Eastern Shore Nursery of Virginia is a wholesale nursery supplying garden centers, re-wholesale nurseries, and landscapers with the highest quality container-grown trees, including over 150 fruit tree varieties, along with the newest cutting edge flowering and ornamental shrubs.   FEATURED: Container Grown Fruit Trees

NewGen™ Boxwood -- Saunders Genetics
NewGen Boxwood offers growers, landscapers, and garden retailers hope for the future of boxwood by trialing, selecting and marketing superior boxwood selections.
FEATURED: Independence® / Freedom® Boxwoods

Flamingo Holland -- Flower Bulbs, Grower Supplies
Flamingo Holland is a supplier of the finest Flowerbulbs and Perennials to the professional Flower growers across North America. With shipping facilities in California and New Jersey we are able to bring plant material to you fast and efficient.
FEATURED PLANTS: Senecio Angel Wings ... Rudbeckia Hirta - Sunbeckia

Hillcrest Nursery -- Herbs are Our Specialty!
Hillcrest Nursery, Inc. is a Wholesale Grower of Annuals, Perennials, Finished Herbs, Vegetables, Succulents and Seasonal Plants in the MD, DC, NOVA area. Providing Independent Garden Centers with top-quality product year round.

Raker-Roberta's -- Young Plants
Raker-Roberta's Young Plants is the leading wholesaler of custom grown plugs and liners in North America. Through both seed and vegetative propagation, Raker-Roberta's supplies over 3,000 plant varieties to greenhouses and nurseries around the planet.
FEATURED PLANTS: Plug & Liner starter trays for perennial growers, Tropical Houseplants

Syngenta Flowers North America
Dedicated to the breeding innovative flower varieties that offer outstanding performance in the professional greenhouse, at retail, in the landscape and in the home garden.
FEATURED: Sunfinity® Yellow with Dark Center Sunflower ... Cora® XDR

WestRock -- Distinctive packaging. Innovative design.
WestRock’s Multi Packaging Solutions (MPS) business combines ground-breaking construction and finishing techniques to produce interactive and engaging packaging solutions.  FEATURED: Tagging, labeling, packaging

GrowerTalks Magazine -- Ball Publishing
GrowerTalks Subscription is Free to qualified subscribers .... the leading resource in horticultural information. Dr. Matthew Chappell’s e-newsletter Nursery & Landscape Insider covers the inner workings of the nursery and landscape industry.

Jiffy -- Growing Media, Containers, Seeds
It's All About The Roots. Jiffy is the leading global supplier of propagation systems, hydroponic systems, natural growing containers and substrates for any type of plant propagation and cultivation enterprises big or small. Our solutions have no limits based on plant type. FEATURED: Jiffypots & Hydroponics Growbag

HydraFiber Advanced Substrate
Consistent, Reliable, Domestic & Sustainable! The latest innovation from Profile Products, a world leader that has proudly offered researched and proven soil / media solutions for many different markets for over 50 years.

Darwin Perennials -- Bare Root, Liners, Unrooted Cuttings
Darwin Perennials supplies North American growers with superior genetics for the ever-expanding perennial market. Product forms include unrooted cuttings, seed, bare root and young plants sold through grower partners and suppliers.
FEATURED: Lavender Primavera ... Sombrero Vegetative Echinacea

TDI Carts & Trunk Liners
Supplying innovative products to the garden center industry ... Tierra-Derco International (TDI) is an importer, designer and manufacturer of distinctive garden products.   FEATURED: Heavy-duty Nursery Carts ... perfect for all your needs

Bayer Ornamentals -- Life Science Businesses
Turf & Ornamentals Management: Lawn & Landscape, Production Ornamentals. Bayer is a Life Science company with > 150-year history and core competencies in agriculture.
Featured Products: Marengo preemergence herbicide .... Altus systemic insecticide

VRE Greenhouse Systems & Products
Your Greenhouse & Garden Centre Connection! Whether you’re looking for retail and merchandising products for your Garden Center, or systems to better your Greenhouse “We’ve got you covered”.
Featured Products: Paving Stone Displays .... Three Step and Quarter Round Displays

Van Belle Nursery -- Bloomin' Easy
Look for the blue pot! Bloomin' Easy® is a collection of new & improved ornamental varieties that offer time-strapped homeowners unique aesthetic value and attributes that help make success easier for them. With relevant products, eye-catching packaging and after-purchase support, hesitant consumers become inspired to 'jump-in.'

Walters Gardens -- Leading grower of bare root perennials
Walters Gardens specializes in perennial starter plants, including plug liners and bare root material. We have grown to be one of North America’s largest wholesale perennial growers.  FEATURED: Bare Root Perennials & Plug Liners

Stover Manufacturing -- Nursery Tags & Labels
Stover Manufacturing is a niche business specializing in production of thermal nursery tag & label products. Innovation is the core of our approach to thermal tags and labels.
  FEATURED: Flat Head Thermal Printer with Nursery Label Unwinder

SePRO -- Specialty Solutions for Specialty Markets
SePRO Corporation is a research-based Life Sciences Company focused on the specialty chemical and pharmaceutical industries.   FEATURED PRODUCTS: Topflor® Plant Growth Regulator & Obtego® Fungicide

Old Castle Lawn & Garden -- Jolly Gardener
Consumer lawn and garden products. We offer soil products, potting mixes with plant food, potting soil, top soil, peat humus, organic humus, composted cow manure, dehydrated cow manure, and shrub and tree planting mixes.
  FEATURED: All Purpose + Professional Potting Mix

Netherland Bulb -- Dutch bulbs & bare root perennials
Netherland Bulb is a family-owned and operated wholesale supplier of premium Dutch flower bulbs, bare root perennials, and water plants on both sides of ocean for > 35 years.  FEATURED: IGC Instruction on Floaters ... Itoh Peony ... Sunny Wonders

BASF -- Professional Turf & Ornamentals
Since 1865, BASF develops and markets chemical solutions for improving turf and plant quality through pest management, which includes weed, disease and insect control.
FEATURED: Ventigra™ .. Nemasys® .. Intrinsic® .. Orkestra®

Premier Tech Horticulture -- Growing Media
The leading edge growing media. Premier Tech Horticulture manufactures and distributes a complete line of growing media and sphagnum peat moss-based soil amendments.
Featured Products: PRO-MIX® and PRO-MOSS

FMC Corporation -- Fame™ +T Fungicide
Broad spectrum protection from both root and shoot diseases including leaf blights/spots (i.e. web blight, downy mildew, rusts), flower blights (anthracnose, botrytis blight) and shoot/stem diseases (aerial/shoot blight).

Dosatron -- Chemical Fertilizer Injectors
SUSTAINABLE FERTILIZER INJECTION SOLUTIONS. For beautiful, healthy plants and blooms, professional growers have been turning to Dosatron for trusted experience. Dosatron fertilizer injectors ensure your plants get right amount of nutrients every time.

BioWorks: BotaniGard Insecticide
BioWorks is an industry leader in providing environmentally responsible, safe, and cost-effective solutions for horticulture industry. BioWorks’ pesticide products are EPA Registered (unless exempt), and most are OMRI-Listed for organic growing.

BFG Supply -- Professional Grower / Horticulture
Grower Products -- Over 12,000 items growers need to thrive from > 400 suppliers. Fertilizer & Pesticides, Hard Goods, Irrigation Equipment, Mulch, Soil, Stone and much more.

Bailey Nurseries -- Endless Summer® hydrangeas
Endless Summer® is world's first and best-selling collection of reblooming hydrangea. With our emphasis on superior genetics, quality grown products, inviting packaging and consumer marketing, Endless Summer® brand gives your customers the inspiration and confidence they need to succeed and bring them back for more.

Arborjet -- NutriRoot™
A 2-part formula made up of a nutrient pack and water manager in one that can be used at planting or as maintenance to mature trees, shrubs, landscape plants, and turf. Unique blend of nutrients, seaweed extract, humic acid, surfactants, and humectants designed to increase root development and reduce water stress.

Pack Manufacturing -- material handling equipment  
We specialize in material handling equipment for all applications.   Featured Product: The Pack Manufacturing Pioneer Filler™ is the Newest Economy Flat and Pot Filling system for all your container growing needs.

Zenport Industries -- Horticulture Tools & Supplies.  
Zenport Industries is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and marketing of professional and consumer specialty horticulture tools and supplies for the lawn and garden, landscape, irrigation and agriculture markets.  Featured Products: Zenport QV8 Hand-Pruner .... MV20 Light-weight tree/shrub/rose pruning lopper

NYP Corp -- "The Treated Burlap Originators"  
Treated & Plain Burlap, Sisal & Poly Twine, Wire Baskets, Weed Barrier, Bamboo Stakes. NYP Corp. has proudly served America’s nursery growers with quality burlap, twine, shade clothes, wire baskets and many other related products since the 1950’s.

Netafim -- Sandstorm™ Single Chamber Metal Media Filters  
Superior Irrigation Protection. Built To Last – Always On Guard. We’ve developed Sandstorm – a robust media filter that keeps your water and business flowing smoothly.

Mitchell Ellis Products -- EZ Potter Potting Machine  
The EZ Potter has made potting plants easier. With much more efficient mechanics and an easy-to-use design. Since 1977 Mitchell Ellis has been providing machinery specially developed for the nursery and greenhouse market.

Riceland Foods -- PBH Nature's Media Amendment  
PBH Rice Hulls is a natural co-product of rice offering nursery and greenhouse growers many advantages. A product of Riceland Foods, Inc., PBH rice hulls are uniquely processed and parboiled to verify purity and cleanliness.

OHP -- Olympic Cycocel Plant Growth Regulator  
Soil amendment for use in landscape applications, vegetable gardens, and in customized soil blends for growers. Biochar is a lifetime soil enhancement that provides water and nutrient holding capacity, provides a home for soil biology, and helps plants resist stress.

Hoffman Nursery -- Ornamental & Native Grasses.  
A wholesale nursery providing ornamental and native grass liners since 1986. Our customers include a broad range of the horticultural industry from local garden centers and landscapers to large-scale wholesale nurseries. Featured -- Chameleon Little Bluestem, Everglow Sedge, Karl's Cousin® Big Bluestem, Purple Tears Switchgrass

The HC Companies -- Leader in Horticultural Containers 
Your leading single source delivering smart solutions for the growing industry™… from plastic planters and growing pots to nursery containers, garden containers, flats, plug trays, seed starting kits. INDUSTRIES: Greenhouse - Nursery - Retail Sales

High Caliper -- The Smart Pot  
The High Caliper Growing System is a high quality - low cost system of tree and shrub production. Featuring The Smart Pot and Smart Pot-In-Ground (the Root Control Bag), the Growing System promotes better roots and better growth.

Harrell's MAX® -- offers you results that get noticed  
The complete line of Harrell’s MAX® liquid foliar nutritional products, including Harrell's Bio-MAX®, is an ideal way to supplement your granular fertilization program.

Garden Marketing Group -- Superior Stakes; Hang Tags.  
Superior Stakes ... Custom design, stunning photography and accurate horticultural information make for a value added proposition. Helpful Hang Tags ... Select from our custom shapes or have a unique shape designed specifically for your product.

Eason Horticultural Resources -- GardenChoice™ ... Pollinators & Native Plants  
Most complete selection of plants & products for the professional grower. Eason Horticultural Resources (EHR) serves as a consultant and sales agent to retail garden center growers, wholesale greenhouse growers, nurserymen, and landscapers.

Bountiful Farms -- unique & stunning plant material.
Specializing in pot-in pot, B&B grafted ornamentals. Located in the Willamette Valley, Bountiful Farms is your source for grafted ornamentals, unusual plant material, and sculptured plant art forms. Featured -- Versatile Boxwoods & Elegant Juniper species

Blackmore -- The Ellepot System ..Trays to get you growing  
Blackmore makes more than 20 million plug trays per year, plus flats, packs/ inserts, specialty growing/shipping trays, landscaper trays & Ellepot propagation/liner trays.

Berger Mixes -- BM SERIES.   Mastering the Craft of Growing Media. At Berger, we pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture high-quality growing media by creating a uniform and strong root environment – season to season, year after year.

Abbott-IPCO -- Heart to Heart™ Caladiums.   Do you love the tropical look of bold leaves in vibrant colors? Are you struggling to find something unique for your shade garden? Ready to add life to your windowsill with a few new houseplants? Heart to Heart™ Caladiums are the answer ... Vibrant & Versatile!

Evergreen Nursery Company -- Wholesale Price List/Catalog
Welcome to our 156th anniversary price listing. Cold, Hardy Northern Grown Liners. Our 50 cell Gro-Plugs® are one-year old trees when they arrive at your business. We seed late February to early March for one growing season.

American Native Plants -- THE COMPREHENSIVE SOURCE FOR THE RESTORATION-LANDSCAPE INDUSTRY. American Native Plants is committed to growing and distributing native plants that are critical to the establishment of biodiverse natural ecosystems. Featured -- Native Trees/Shrubs + Herbaceous Perennials

Adapt8 .... Solexx Greenhouse Coverings & Tree Guards.  Adapt8 is changing the way the world grows, starting with Solexx™. This innovative greenhouse covering grows high quality yields at a faster rate than other products. This accelerated growth and reduced costs generate more profit.

East Jordan Plastics -- Trays, Pots, Containers
We manufacture thermoform Round & Square pots, inserts, market paks, plug & liner trays ... plus injection-molded Round & Square pots, decorative hanging baskets, bowls, planters. Product Showcase: Stadium Pots and Trays

Lambert Peat Moss -- At The Root of Your Success
Founded in 1928, is one of the true Pioneers in the developing the Peat Moss industry in North America. Starting with the original product line of screened and bagged Peat Moss we now offer numerous lines of Professional Growing Mixes and retail Potting Mixes as well as select types of premium Peat Moss.

Seaside Serenade® Hydrangea, Nitty Gritty™ Roses
Monrovia exclusive very durable, own-root, fuss-free Nitty Gritty™ Groundcover Roses produce an abundance of lovely blooms while offering excellent disease resistance and a self-cleaning, easy-to-care-for habit. Plus .... The Seaside Serenade® Hydrangeas offer notable improvements to make this summer-blooming shrub even better for landscapes, container gardens

Poly-Tex ... Vertex - Peak Shade Structure
Easy snap button frame and bungee shade! Multipurpose structure -- Commercial or retail, the Vertex System is a low-cost solution. Quick install -- Easy shade attachment system provides for quick installation and removal.

MycoApply®, Professional Mycorrhizal Products
Mycorrhizal Applications' MycoApply® product line is the industry's leading portfolio of professional mycorrhizal inoculant products. These mycorrhizal inoculants contain beneficial symbiotic fungi that colonize plant roots, act as an extension of the root system, and improve plants' nutrient efficiency, water uptake and storage, and overall root mass.

PittMoss® -- Plentiful-Organic Potting Mix
Made from organic, recycled natural cellulosic fibers blended with organic fertilizer. Use PittMoss Plentiful Organic Potting Mix to replace peat-based mixes to grow organic fruits, vegetables and flowers! Plants will appreciated the wonderful PittMoss properties.

Evergreen Nursery Company -- Wholesale Price List/Catalog
Welcome to our 156th anniversary price listing. Cold, Hardy Northern Grown Liners. Our 50 cell Gro-Plugs® are one-year old trees when they arrive at your business. We seed late February to early March for one growing season.

Greenleaf Nursery -- Garden Debut®
The Garden Debut® Collection is made up of Great New Plants™ and Trusted Selections™ that have been thoroughly tested for long-term performance. They will improve home value and create atmospheres for families and friends.

Mardenkro: ReduWizard Greenhouse Coatings
ReduSystems is a group of removable coatings that gives the grower more control over their greenhouse climate. ReduSystems coatings are easy to apply, highly wear-resistant and can be removed at any time.

Griffin Supplies -- Professional Grower Supplies Catalog
Top greenhouse and nursery supplier in Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Griffin operates 15 fully stocked centers, serving professional growers and independent retailers nationwide with hard goods and retail supplies. We also distribute green goods including seeds, cuttings and young plants.

Summit Plastic: JanorPot® -- Our Pots. Your Message
Color printing on round containers has changed a great deal in a very short period of time. Now, printing on pots is, or so it seems, more important than having holes in the bottom of pots! JanorPot leads the industry in printing quality and printing knowledge.

Spring Meadow Nursery -- Liners Growers Count On Flowering Shrub Innovations! Spring Meadow Nursery is the leading source for flowering shrub potted liners and starter plants. We’re also the developers behind Proven Winners® ColorChoice® flowering shrubs.

Lambert Peat Moss: ECOPEAT – Grower Friendly!
EcoPeatPlus+ is a highly fibrous “natural wood” fiber, collected from our peat bogs and specially processed at our facilities. ECOPEAT Mixes (EPM) provide exceptional balance of air space and water-holding capacity, with superior longevity and minimal shrinkage.

Eckert Weekender - Hanging Basket
The Weekender from H2O Labor Saver is a unique hanging plant container that allows you to save water, labor, and money! The Weekender comes with wicking system to make it easier for non established or plants that are normally shallow rooted to receive water.