Exhibitor Support:  FREE Trade Show Marketing Resources for Event Participants
The Lawn & Garden Marketing Association volunteers "Green Marketing" programs to trade show Exhibitors, Sponsors, Speakers, and Organizers. Together we increase Trade Show attendance + results!   (contact LGMA to update profile / exhibitor showcase, customize invites / promotions .... GoGreen@LawnandGardenMarketing.org)

Exhibitor Showcase / Marketing Solutions:

Register to Exhibit @ Cultivate --- Receive FREE Marketing Support

Pre-Show Marketing: Let's Plan Your Success + Increase Participation with Invites / Special Offers

  • Exhibitor & Speaker Previews, show floor promotions, pre-event meeting requests

  • Year-Round Benefits: Showcase New Products, Seasonal Marketing Programs .... Stay Connected
  • Easy access to exhibitor updates; seasonal promotions; new product showcase; video library
    e-catalog tools & resources; product reviews & surveys; retail marketing & educational programs

  • Your Exhibitor Showcase --- Let's Grow Our Industry @ Cultivate!
    The Lawn & Garden Marketing Association volunteers "Green Marketing" Programs + Technology Solutions to support trade show participants. Together we make it easy for Event Organizers, Exhibitors, Speakers & Sponsors to promote their shows/booths and increase participation.

    Contact LGMA by email to update profile ..... GoGreen@LawnandGardenMarketing.org

    LGMA will ensure you Maximize the FREE Marketing Resources & Benefits available to Exhibitors


    • Exhibitor Invites, Booth Preview
      Vendor Showcase; Plan Meetings

    • Event Promotions, Incentive Offers
      Show Floor Specials; Order Inquiry


    • Exhibitor Showcase, Catalog Preview
      Video library; Product/Service Demo

    • e*Catalog Highlights, Seasonal Updates
      Retail marketing programs & resources

    • Online Tools, Vendor Resources
      Video .... Let's put you in the movies!
      Access Customer feedback and surveys

    • EXPAND Your Exhibitor Showcase
      Enhanced Catalog Marketing Programs
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               The Lawn & Garden Marketing Association "Green Marketing" programs -- Plan for Success at Events  /  Stay Connected Year Round
               Contact LGMA to Showcase New Products / Catalogs / Seasonal Promotions --- GoGreen@LawnGardenMarketing.org