CO2 Delivery Solutions™ technology ... more CO2 to plants year-round . 
CO2 GRO’s revolutionary CO2 Delivery Solutions™ technology enables all growers to provide more CO2 to their plants year-round whether they are venting or closed. More CO2 year-round results in increased production and profits. Our technology works by dissolving CO2 gas into water to create a saturated CO2 solution which is then misted for a few seconds an hour onto the plant’s leaves. The mist forms a microfilm on the leaf surface that enables the CO2 in the solution to diffuse into the leaf, where the plant uses the additional carbon for accelerating photosynthesis and growth. CO2 Delivery Solutions™ works in any greenhouse, hoop house, net & shade house, tunnel or indoor cultivation facility.

Atmospheric enrichment of CO2 by gassing in protected horticulture operations has enhanced plant yields for decades. However, even sealed greenhouses must vent during warmer months resulting in the CO2 gas escaping outside. This makes maintaining CO2 gas levels of >800 ppm very difficult. Non-sealed structures such as hoop houses, tunnels, shade and net houses have open ends, roofs or are porous, making CO2 gassing virtually impossible.

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