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Back2Basics: How to Choose the Right Fungicides for Nursery vs. Greenhouse Crop Diseases
Sunday, July 16 • 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

This session will go over the differences between growing plants under nursery conditions compared to under more controlled conditions. Our speaker will show which products are more suited for nursery production based on: safety, rain/irrigation fastness, REI, residue appearance, cost or use, frequency (interval). Finally, the session will cover the most common diseases of some major nursery corps (like rose, nandina, boxwood and photinia) and what the most compatible fungicides would be for those crops.

Bridging the Gap Between Conventional and Biopesticides for Disease Control
Monday, July 17 • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

There are always questions about how to use biopesticides (especially biologicals) and conventional fungicides/bactericides in an effective disease control program. This session will cover key elements of both rotation and tank-mixing biopesticides and conventional products. Focus on the differences in both groups of disease control products will be included. The resources available for compatibility of these products will be covered. Finally, examples of specific programs for Botyris, bacterial leaf spots and rot diseases will complete the session.


    Dr. Ann Chase

    Owner at Chase Agricultural Consulting 

    Dr. Ann Chase graduated from the University of California at Riverside with a PhD from the Department of Plant Pathology in 1979. She was Professor of plant pathology at the University of Florida Central Florida Agricultural Research and Education Center from 1979 until 1993. Ann started Chase Horticultural Research in February 1994. The business conducted contract research, diagnostics, consulting, and training through talks and writing on diseases of ornamentals. Chase Agricultural Consulting was opened in December 2011 specializing in educating and consulting with growers and suppliers in ornamentals as well as select agricultural crops. They continue to produce the monthly news letter Chase Digest (formerly Chase News) as well as Ask Ann for quick consultations on disease ID and control.

    Chase Agricultural Consulting ... Practical Solutions for Growers
    Chase Agricultural Consulting really enjoys bringing you the latest information on plant diseases. We thought a blog site would fit our goal of more dynamic interactions to solve your problems faster and more effectively. Please check regularly as we will be changing and adding new content. We want to hear from you!

    Ask Ann—Our Ask Ann service is a digital diagnostic service in which you can send digital images, talk with Ann directly or email. You receive a customized report of your diagnosis, this service is based on “Time”. We offer: 2hrs, 4hrs & 8hrs, all of which Ann keeps track of. You can order now by clicking on the Ask Ann tab at the top of the home page. Some of the benefits are: No hassle of physically sending in plant samples (cost savings), personal contact with Dr. Chase, Fast answers – 1 day turn around, customized control strategy, usually less than 2hr answer response to request, no expiration date.

    On site consulting—On site consulting services are custom designed.   Ann schedules a visit to your location, troubleshoots for plant disease problems and helps you get set up with a customized control strategy.  Some clients also like to set up presentations during a visit for training.

    Training—Need to train your sales staff?  We offer customized training at your facility,   where we can show them what to look for with all the different plant diseases and integrated strategies for the best control.  We specialize in practical solutions including cultural, biological and conventional chemical control for diseases.

    Address:   18 E. Irvine Rd Phoenix AZ 85086
    Contact:   Ann Chase
    Phone:  (928) 274-5077   FAX: 



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