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WHOLE FISH fertilizer  
Captain Carp is an all natural, made in the USA, patent pending, WHOLE FISH fertilizer that utilizes invasive carp species as it's main ingredient. Our facility is located in the heart of the Midwest near the convergence of the Illinois, Mississippi and Missouri rivers, one hour north of St Louis. We source 100% of our fish from local independent fishers close to our facility – we never source from factory fishing vessels. Unlike other manufacturers of fish fertilizer that use fish trimmings left over after filleting, we are able to use the whole fish because of it's invasive status, resulting in a superior product. Captain Carp is ideal for all your needs from lawn to garden and everything in between.

At Captain Carp we know carp!
In 1838, explorer and captain Howard Stansbury described the Illinois River Valley as “one to five miles wide, deeply overflowed in every freshet, filled with bayous, ponds, and swamps, and infested with wild beasts”. The river teamed with many species of fish including bass, catfish, walleye, trout and perch that provided nourishment and employment for settlers arriving in the area. Abraham Lincoln was even known to operate a boat on the river in 1828 and 1831, he wasn’t just a President but also a captain! However, people couldn’t leave nature alone. In the 1970’s fish farms began importing asian carp species – mostly bighead, silver and grass carp – from China to help clean their ponds, and before long these fish escaped into the Mississippi river system. The carp found few predators and abundant food and quickly spread throughout the Midwest, and are now established as far north as Chicago and Minneapolis and as far west as Denver. Today these invasive fish make up 90% of the biomass in parts of the river system, and it is feared if they are not controlled they will spread throughout the country.

Captain Carp Is A Manufacturer Of An Array Of Liquid Fertilizer And Agriculture Products.

Address:   677 105th St PO Box 501 Roseville, IL 61473
Phone:  833-609-2277   FAX: 


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