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AmericanHort State of the Industry Address
Monday, July 17 • 8:00 AM - 9:15 AM

Learn where our industry stands today and what the future holds. Our experts will provide insights on how to plan and navigate the changing market climate driven by rising costs and supply chain bottlenecks while also managing business challenges like labor and product availability. The latest thoughts on the political climate and regulatory policy and opportunities will also be shared.


    Ken Fisher,

    President & Chief Executive Officer AmericanHort 

    Prior to joining AmericanHort in May 2016 as AmericanHort President and CEO, Ken spent 20 years in senior management positions leading industrial and consumer products companies including Managing Director of a Lone Star Funds portfolio company, a leading private equity firm; President and CEO of Elmer’s Products, an international consumer products company; Vice President of Poet-Ethanol Products, LLC the largest marketer of ethanol in North America; Senior Vice President of The Coleman Company, a global outdoor consumer products company; and various senior leadership positions within Koch Industries, Inc., a large multinational corporation.

    Ken holds an MBA from the W. Frank Barton School of Business and a BS in Chemistry from Wichita State University.

    About AmericanHort -- A network of strength, support, and success.  
    As the national trade association for the horticulture industry, AmericanHort is here to help you Perform Better, Grow Faster, and Prepare for the Future. Whether it's our advocacy efforts and being a voice for the industry with policy makers, research funded through the Horticulture Research Institute, or networking and educational opportunities at Cultivate, the industry's premier trade show and convention, or other conferences and programs, AmericanHort is here to help ensure success for you and our industry for years to come.

    The AmericanHort Mission is to unite, promote, and advance our industry through advocacy, collaboration, connectivity, education, market development, and research. AmericanHort truly represents the entire horticulture industry, including breeders, greenhouse and nursery growers, retailers, distributors, interior and exterior landscapers, florists, students, educators, researchers, manufacturers, and all of those who are part of the industry market chain. We are the leading national association for the green industry, and AmericanHort works tirelessly to connect the industry across states and segments, giving you opportunities that expand your network and resources. Answers to your biggest challenges can be found within the AmericanHort network of businesses, who -- like you -- are passionate about growth, performance, and future potential.

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    AmericanHort has a rich history as the green industry’s leading association. Today, as horticultural and agricultural professionals are faced with ensuring their organizations and businesses are performing at their highest levels, growing at their optimum capacity, and are well positioned for the future, our role is more crucial than ever. We’re continuously strengthening our existing connections and establishing new ones so that we can answer the questions you have, and make you aware of the questions you didn’t even know you needed to ask.  We look forward to connecting with you; become a member, today.


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