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Speaker: Joe Voyles, Vice President of Industrial Power Conversion

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    Joe Voyles, Vice President of Industrial Power Conversion at Advanced Energy  
    Joe Voyles is vice president of industrial power conversion at Advanced Energy, which is headquartered in Denver, CO. Voyles has more than 25 years of experience in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry.

    Artesyn Embedded Power  
    At Advanced Energy's Artesyn Embedded Power, our focus when creating power supplies for horticultural lighting is to minimize your power consumption, installation expense and the cost of cooling your facilities. We offer a range of high power options (600 watt to megawatt), scaling from single conduction/IP-rated power supplies up to large distributed external systems ideal for vertical farms and large warehouse grow centers. Our power supplies for individual luminaires and lower power applications (ranging from 300 W to 3000 W) are designed to provide full power in compact, high density packaging that weighs less than other commercially available products. With large farms, the use of individual luminaires is not efficient.

    Artesyn can help scale power for various power distribution architectures
    The added complexity of individual control systems on each luminaire and the additional cabling required adds to your installation costs. What’s more, the additional thermal management needed (air conditioning) as a result of the collective conversion/heat losses from the drivers adds to your energy costs. Using a large centralized current source outside the environmentally controlled growth areas and distributing power directly to all the luminaires can help eliminate the need for individual drivers and the associated costs. By offering single conduction and IP rated solutions up to large distributed external systems, Artesyn can help scale power for various power distribution architectures in practically any installation.

    AE is a global leader in innovative power and control technologies for high-growth, precision power solutions for thin films and industrial applications.

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