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Landmark Plastic: Interlocking Surface Tiles

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    Designed to be one of the longest-lasting, highest valued recycled surface systems available, they're the smart new solution for your greenhouse, bench, production area, event surfaces, and more. Easy to clip together and install by hand, our Interlocking Surface Tiles, made from a special formulation of recycled tires and polypropylene resin, provide stable surfaces even in typically slippery and puddle-filled areas. And since they're lightweight, unlike conventional rubber mats, they're easy to clean and maintain. Plus, they're chemical resistant and withstand heavy loads.

    Product Info
    Individual tiles measure 15.75x15.75x0.75"
    Rubber product comes in black
    Optional polypropylene product available in any color
    No tools required
    Bottom 1/4" drainage channel eliminates puddles during washing
    Chemical resistant
    Standard Test DIN 18032, NFSI, WGEG

    Separate ramped-edge pieces finish-off our Interlocking Surface Tiles in style, allowing a safe transition from other surfaces.