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Speaker: Joe Baer, Founder & CEO at ZenGenius, Inc.

Session: Merchandising 101 - How to Grow Your Business with Visual Merchandising Techniques

Monday, July 12  9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Description:  Visual merchandising is the art and science of arranging and displaying your products and services to entice customers, create a positive brand image, and maximize your sales. How products are displayed and presented to your customers impacts how they value the products, the brand, and ultimately their decision to purchase a product or walk away. In this introductory visual merchandising presentation, view examples of compelling displays and learn the basics of visual merchandising that are regularly implemented in small boutiques to top global retailers. Attendees will learn about the power of visual merchandising and will leave understanding how they can use it to their advantage, along with insights to the latest visual merchandising trends 

Level: Fundamental          Type: Business Operations

Session Title: Experiential Merchandising: How to Create Memorable Store Experiences That Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back for More.

Monday, July 12 • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Description:  Experiential merchandising involves immersing consumers in live experiences. It's about getting customers to participate in real time and leaving them with something memorable that they’re excited to share with others. This will ultimately create a positive buzz around the brand and leave a longer-lasting impression across multiple channels. In this session, learn the essential pieces of experiential merchandising and key components to produce the most successful results in a wide variety of applications. Attendees will learn the power of experiential merchandising and marketing and its role to connect and create unique, in-person experiences to amplify their message and bring it to life. 

Level: Progressive               Type: Business Operations

Joe Baer

Founder and CEO at ZenGenius, Inc. 

Joe Baer is the Co-Founder, CEO and Creative Director of ZenGenius, Inc., which provides Visual Merchandising, Special Events and Creative Direction. His career encompasses over thirty years of experience working with many of the top retailers. His passion, drive and enthusiasm for visual merchandising and amazing retail experiences leads him to motivate and energize audiences around the world. Joe engages his audiences and creates experiential learning situations. He is well known for leading the annual Iron Merchant Challenge at IRDC to celebrate visual merchandising as an important aspect of retail design. Joe created ZenGenius with a vision to bring the knowledge of Visual Merchandising to the world and provide a unique type of creative support to retailers and businesses. ZenGenius is celebrating 20 years of creative genius!

At the heart of a great visual merchandiser is the ability to be ingenious - the ability to think creatively and solve problems. As a creative agency rooted in the principles and practice of visual merchandising, we provide solutions for brand activation through visual strategy and development, planning, sourcing, implementation and hands-on execution, bringing life to consumer experiences across all platforms. Employing the best visual merchandisers and designers, we’re your resource to create visual experience that elevate your space to the next level, drive consumer traffic and increase sales.

Founded in 1999 in Columbus, Ohio by creative directors and visual merchandising experts, Joe Baer and Paul Cook, ZenGenius was built on the belief that our unique talents are an opportunity and a gift to help the world through visual merchandising. More than 20 years later, ZenGenius has built an extensive network of visual merchandisers, creative directors, stylists and designers, who constantly question, tinker and challenge the status quo to bring life to your brand through visual experiences.

Address:   467 East Starr Ave Columbus, OH 43201
Email:  info@zengenius.com     Contact:   Joe Baer
Phone:  614-220-9040   FAX: 


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