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Speaker: Paul Karlovich, Technical Advisor & Grower Specialist at Sun Gro Horticulture

Session Title: A Blueprint for Successful Trialing of Container Media

Tuesday, July 13  11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Description:  This session will explain why media trialing is difficult to do and provide a framework within which growers can set up trials for a successful outcome. Growers will come away from this session with clear instructions for getting good information from a trial that enables an informed decision when selecting a new medium. 

Level: Intermediate      Type: Growing

Paul Karlovich

Grower Technical Specialist at Sun Gro Horticulture 

Paul is a long time industry professional who has conducted and visited many growing trials over the years.  He currently works for Sungro Horticulture where he is a Technical Advisor for Sungro products to growers in the North Central US and Canada.

Sun Gro .... North America’s largest producer of horticultural-grade peat
The largest distributor of peat moss and peat and bark-based growing mixes. Over the last 80 years Sun Gro® Horticulture has become the leading supplier of superior quality peat moss and peat- and bark-based horticultural growing products to North America, serving both professional and retail markets. In fact, Sun Gro has the proud distinction of being the number one supplier to the top 100 commercial growers in North America, shipping over 70,000 truckloads of product annually.

Sun Gro Horticulture is committed to environmental sustainability. Our superior planting mixes and amendments promote planting success—supporting growers, gardeners, and green spaces nationwide. As an industry leader in sustainable Canadian Sphagnum peat moss, we employ the newest research, developments, and management practices to ensure this valuable natural resource remains plentiful and renewable. Sun Gro’s environmental values are further anchored by respected third-party certifications we hold to verify our commitment to sustainable practices and product integrity.

Address:     770 Silver St Agawam, MA 01001
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About Us

Sun Gro® Horticulture is one of the most prominent North American horticultural companies, employing over 800 staff and serving customers worldwide. Since its humble beginnings in 1929, it has become the leading supplier of soilless growing mixes to North America’s top 100 greenhouse and nursery growers, shipping over 70,000 truckloads of product annually. Sun Gro products are made to exacting standards and conform to high product quality and performance criteria.


Sun Gro® Horticulture’s mission is to be an industry leader in soilless growing mixes, serving horticultural professionals, retailers, and gardeners with superior quality, branded growing mixes that yield exceptional results.


Unmatched technical and sales support sets Sun Gro® Horticulture apart. Our dedicated sales team serves national and international customers, and eight customer service centers operate in every major North American time zone. As an added benefit, Sun Gro’s exemplary Research & Development and Technical Support teams are on call to help professional growers troubleshoot and make the most of Sun Gro® products.

Employees & Jobs

Over 300 employees serve Sun Gro® Horticulture industries and communities across North America. Our many scientists, technicians, managers, facilities workers, and sales professionals are the heart of our company. We operate a network of 25 production/distribution facilities across Canada and the United States and take pride in the high-quality jobs that we offer everyday people in small towns and rural areas. In turn, we are exceedingly proud of our team of employees who make it a priority every day to carry out Sun Gro’s stewardship of peatlands, ensuring that this abundant resource will be available for future generations.


Sun Gro Horticulture provides safe operating environments for its peat harvesting operations as well as its production and distribution facilities operations. We are Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) compliant, maintain safety manuals, and provide staff with regular safety training.

For urgent health and safety issues, please visit Sun Gro’s third-party anonymous reporting hotline: www.sungro.ethicspoint.com or call 1-855-238-0660.

Supplier Code of Ethics

Sun Gro Horticulture is committed to conduct business in a professional, honest and ethical manner, and comply with the law wherever it conducts business. Our company expects all its suppliers to conduct their business in a professional, honest and ethical manner, and to comply with all applicable laws wherever they do business. This includes laws relating to employment, human rights, the environment, and health and safety. Sun Gro will not conduct business with suppliers that do not comply with the expectations defined in our Code of Ethics. Sun Gro Horticulture reserves the right to update its Supplier Code of Ethics from time to time.

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