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Klasmann-Deilmann -- organic substrates, peat products

The ideal growing medium for every crop.  
To achieve success in commercial horticulture, well grown and healthy plants are a must. An essential part of the growing process is a top quality growing medium. Klasmann-Deilmann has decades of experience of the exacting requirements of commercial growers. All around the globe -- Klasmann substrates, Klasmann organic substrates, and Klasmann base and peat products --- are a synonym for highest quality and certainty for every crop.

Address:     2332 W Packwood Dr. Visalia, CA 93277
Email:    denise.ruiz@klasmann-deilmann.com    
Contact:   Martin Nugteren
Phone:    310-871-1399   FAX: 


Klasmann-Deilmann’s corporate history goes back to 1913 when Georg Klasmann founded Heseper Torfwerk GmbH, a company which was renamed Klasmann Werke GmbH in 1971. The firm that later became C. Deilmann AG began producing peat in 1920. In its early decades, Klasmann’s main focus was on manufacturing fuel peat and bedding for horse stables; it also built its own peat-fuelled power station.

In the late 1950s, Klasmann and Deilmann began focusing increasingly on the production of growing media for commercial horticulture and, in 1974, started developing black-peat-based substrates.

The merger of Klasmann and Deilmann in 1990 created Klasmann-Deilmann GmbH, which invested in resources in Germany, Ireland, Lithuania and Latvia, and in modern substrate factories. At the same time, subsidiaries were formed in Europe, Asia and North America, in order to secure a local presence. Alongside this, a network of sales partners arose that now spans the entire globe.

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