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Speaker: Katie Dubow, President at Garden Media Group

Session Title:  2022 Trends Report

Sunday, July 11  11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Description:  Why should you care about trends? It’s simple. Trends drive consumers and consumers drive sales. This year, Cultivate’21 is the place to watch for emerging trends.  In 2022 and beyond, gardening takes center stage. Trends are more important than ever to guide us in uncertain times and give us hope.  Join global trendspotter and QVC guest host, Katie Dubow, and learn how to apply new research and inside information to help you grow your business and stay relevant. When you’re ahead of the curve, your company becomes a trendsetter and you become the go to place for what’s new – whether you are a breeder, grower or retailer. 

Level: All Audiences         Type: Trends

Session Title:  Garden Retail Workshop: Taking it to the Next Level  

Saturday, July 10  7:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Description: What makes a garden center relevant to the modern consumer? How do you keep up with the latest trends and the ever-changing customer? Last time we answered those questions by uncovering what makes a garden center modern and learned from industry experts about what it takes to get there. Join us this year and help define the garden center of the future. 

This travelling workshop, led by Katie Dubow of Garden Media Group, Clint Albin of Clint Albin Consulting, Tammy Behm of Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop, and Jessie Jacobson of Tonkadale Greenhouse, will submerse you into three quite different horticultural retail environments in the Columbus area who have embraced today’s modern consumer. 

At each location, you will have the opportunity to learn about and interact with each location’s owner/s as they show you how their shift in mindset of the traditional garden center enabled them to take their businesses to the next level. Come prepared with a fresh mind and a willingness to learn and share as you and 50 of your peers in the industry embark on a deep dive experience of innovative garden center business models. 

Seats are limited. Separate registration required. The Garden Retail Workshop can be added on to your registration when you sign up for Cultivate'21. If you have already registered for Cultivate'21, you can add on the Garden Retail Workshop by calling Maritz at (219) 354-6440. 

Level: All Audiences    Type: Business Operations

Session Speakers:

Clint Albin, Retail Strategist at Landscapehub
Jessie Jacobson, Owner at Tonkadale Greenhouse
Katie Dubow, Owner at Garden Media Group
Tammy Behm, Owner and Managing Director Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop

Session Title:  Developing a Store Within A Store

Sunday, July 11  2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Description:  The store-within-a-store model has been prevalent in Europe for years, and while they exist in the U.S. – perfume counters at Macy’s for example – we're beginning to see even more innovation in retail partnerships to solve the needs of today’s shoppers. Done well, the store-within-a-store model is the proverbial win-win situation. The host retailer reduces expenses while adding value and reaching wider audiences. In this panel discussion, you will learn how multiple garden centers embraced the concept, found suitable partners, and drove sales. 

Level: Intermediate         Type: Business Operations

Session Speaker, Panelists:

Katie Dubow, President at Garden Media Group .... Moderator
Jessie Jacobson, Owner at Tonkadale Greenhouse ..... Panelist
LaManda Joy, Owner City Grange

Session Title: Mind the Gap

Tuesday, July 13  8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Gardening is on the tip of everyone’s tongues in 2021 as unprecedented millions embraced the activity in 2020. But is the industry speaking this new gardener’s language?

Analyzing two million social media posts and online articles, Garden Media Group uncovered key patterns in language and sentiment in how the public talked about gardening and houseplants during the COVID-19 pandemic. Understanding these communication patterns holds major implications for garden writers, industry, and influencers in relating to the gardening public – and gaining the trust of the new gardener.

This session shares report highlights, industry implications, and connections with upcoming trends. 

Level: All Audiences          Type: Trends

Evaluation Link: https://cultivate.cnf.io/sessions/dfks

Session Speakers:

Becky Paxton, Account Executive at Garden Media Group
Katie Dubow, President at Garden Media Group

Katie Dubow

President at Garden Media Group 
Katie is the second president of Garden Media Group, a women-owned and run public relations firm specializing in the home and garden industry and celebrating more than 30 years in business. Author of the annual Garden Trends Report, she travels the world scouting and presenting garden trends to audiences from Italy to Chicago.
Katie is a guest host on QVC for Cottage Farms, judge at the Philadelphia Flower Show, the inaugural recipient of the Emergent Communicator Award from the Association of Garden Writers, vice-chair of the Pennsylvania Landscape and Nursery Association, and an awarded member of the 2018 Forty Under 40 from Greenhouse Product News.
Previously, she worked at CBS Studios in New York City and was a public relations & marketing manager at Monet Jewelry. Katie received a degree in communications from Northeastern University where she was also a Division I rower on the crew team.
Katie lives and gardens in West Chester, PA with her husband, two daughters, one dog, and six chickens. Find her in the garden with her children, practicing yoga or dancing to Zumba. Her goal is to convince people that brown thumbs can, in fact, be turned green.
Follow along @KatieGMG and on Facebook at KatieGardenGirl


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