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Speaker: Ariana Torres, Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics at Purdue University

Session Title:  Economics of Using PGRs in Landscape on Shrubs

Monday, July 12  4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Description:  Labor is the single largest expense in agriculture, and the landscape industry is no exception. Labor costs can represent between 30% to 55% of all costs for landscape businesses (IBIS World, 2019). Thus, landscape managers are constantly looking for new technologies to reduce labor expenditures, one of them being PGRs (plant growth regulators) to maintain shrubs in landscapes. This presentation will provide information on labor savings and economic benefits of using PGRs for shrub maintenance. We will also cover how labor wages and pruning demand can affect the economic impact of PGRs. 

Level: Intermediate     Type: Business Operations

Purdue Agricultural Economics Department

Purdue’s Agricultural Economics Department covers a wide array of issues from development, trade, macroeconomics policy implications, agribusiness, production and consumption all the way to environmental and resource issues. Here in Ag Econ, we pride ourselves in our top-notch research, quality teaching and committed Extension. We also house some outstanding centers: the Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP), the Center for Food and Agricultural Business (CAB), the Center for Commercial Agriculture (CCA) and many more.

Speaker: Ariana Torres 

Assistant Professor, Dept. Horticulture and Landscape Architecture & Agricultural Economics at Purdue University

Awards & Honors:

Faculty Engagement Scholar Nominee. (2019) College of Agriculture, Purdue University.

2019 ERSA Winter School Scholar. (2018) OECD and European Regional Science Association.

Kohls Outstanding Early Career Teacher Nominee. (2018) College of Agriculture, Purdue University.

Honorary Member of Golden Key International Honour Society. (2018) Golden Key International Honour Society.

PUCESA Early-Career Award. (2019) PUCESA.

Acorn Award: Seed for Success. (2019) Purdue University.

Scholarship of Engagement Fellows Program. (2019) Purdue University Office of Engagement.

Purdue Faculty Engagement Scholar Departmental Nominee. (2019) Department Agricultural Economics.

Selected Publications

Torres Bravo, A. P., & Rodriguez, O. (2020). Looking at the Motivations of Part-Time Farmers. Sustainability.

Langenhoven, P., Torres Bravo, A. P., & Behe, B. (2020). Characteristics of the U.S. Market for Melons. HortScience.

Torres, A., Barton, S., & Behe, B. (2019). Evaluating the Business and Owner Characteristics Influencing the Adoption of Online Advertising Strategies in the Green Industry. HortTechnology, 29(3), pp. 374-381. View Publication

Torres Bravo, A. P. (2019). What Does the 2017 Census of Agriculture Tell Us About Indiana Agriculture?. HO-307-W.

Torres Bravo, A. P. (2019). Investigating the Drivers of Farm Diversification Among U.S. Fruit and Vegetable Operations. Sustainability, 11View Publication

Lancaster, N., Torres Bravo, A. P., O'Donnell, M., Benjamin, T., Bruce, A., & Farmer, J. (2019). Is organic right for my grain operation?. Purdue Extension, HO-304-W.

Lancaster, N., & Torres Bravo, A. P. (2019). Looking at the Economic and Noneconomic Drivers of Farm Diversification. Journal of Food Distribution Research, 50(1), pp. 87-88.

Rodriguez, O., & Torres Bravo, A. P. (2019). Are Local Tomatoes More Expensive? A Comparison of Price Trends between Farmers Markets and Grocery Stores. Purdue Extension.

Torres Bravo, A. P. (2019). Indiana Farmers Markets: Specialty Crop Prices of the 2018 Market Season. Purdue Education Store, HO-386-W.

Torres Bravo, A. P. (2019). To Certify or Not to Certify: How Marketplace Relationships Affect the Adoption of Organic Certification by Fruit and Vegetable Farmers. Purdue Extension.

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