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Speaker: Clint Albin, Retail Strategist at Landscapehub

Session Title:  Garden Retail Workshop: Taking it to the Next Level  

Saturday, July 10  7:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Description: What makes a garden center relevant to the modern consumer? How do you keep up with the latest trends and the ever-changing customer? Last time we answered those questions by uncovering what makes a garden center modern and learned from industry experts about what it takes to get there. Join us this year and help define the garden center of the future. 

This travelling workshop, led by Katie Dubow of Garden Media Group, Clint Albin of Clint Albin Consulting, Tammy Behm of Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop, and Jessie Jacobson of Tonkadale Greenhouse, will submerse you into three quite different horticultural retail environments in the Columbus area who have embraced today’s modern consumer. 

At each location, you will have the opportunity to learn about and interact with each location’s owner/s as they show you how their shift in mindset of the traditional garden center enabled them to take their businesses to the next level. Come prepared with a fresh mind and a willingness to learn and share as you and 50 of your peers in the industry embark on a deep dive experience of innovative garden center business models. 

Seats are limited. Separate registration required. The Garden Retail Workshop can be added on to your registration when you sign up for Cultivate'21. If you have already registered for Cultivate'21, you can add on the Garden Retail Workshop by calling Maritz at (219) 354-6440. 

Level: All Audiences    Type: Business Operations

Session Speakers:

Clint Albin, Retail Strategist at Landscapehub
Jessie Jacobson, Owner at Tonkadale Greenhouse
Katie Dubow, Owner at Garden Media Group
Tammy Behm, Owner and Managing Director Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop

Session Title: Visioning to 2025

Sunday, July 11  1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

It’s possible that, by the year 2025, consumer horticulture will look very different from today. During this time of plenty, the industry needs to create a business development vision that looks beyond daily growth and sees four years into the future when things have stabilized – higher revenues, valuable human capital, a younger workforce, less waste, “plug and play” technology, and more. In this session, you will catch a glimpse of what it will look like and how to attain this vision, when businesses use more modern performance metrics and strategies to achieve top-line growth. 

Level: All Audiences          Type: Business Operations

Session Speakers:

Sam Kirkland, National Business Development Strategist at Epicor
Clint Albin, Retail Strategist at Landscapehub

Session Title: How to Communicate Your Green Values to Your Consumers

Tuesday, July 13  11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Description:  The industry is doing great things to help create better, sustainability-based companies. However, due to the high-noise level in the media now all of the industry business types - nursery and greenhouse growers, retail garden centers and landscape design build, and more - need to do a better job of telling their story. Impactful companies in the future will develop and communicate their "Green Values" to their neighbors and customers to position themselves as a part of the solution for stronger local communities and economies. This panel discussion will give attendees a list of tips on how to do just that from 4 industry communication professionals. 

Level: Intermediate      Type: Business Operations

Session Speakers:

Clint Albin, Retail Strategist at Landscapehub
Bridget Behe, Professor of Horticultural Marketing at Michigan State University
Maria Zampini, President at UpShoot, LLC

Clint Albin 

Retail Strategist at Landscapehub 

I have  been involved in the nursery and retail business all my life.

After LSU, I worked for Shemin Nurseries (IL, CT, MD) before becoming the director of Garden Centers of America. After 10 years with GCA, I became a consultant to the industry.  

As an industry consultant, I have led countless tour groups looking for the best-in-class ideas to create successful retail garden centers. I was the public relations director of the IGC show for 8 years, where I had the ability to see and hear first-hand trends that were making companies, retailers and brands more valued by consumers. I helped startups in hort-i-tech get involved in garden retailing. Using my unique understanding of the industry channels, I offer strategic positioning insights for companies who want to become more consumer-facing and increase market share with key horticultural products.  

The greatest growth will come when the category can consumer-face all 320 million Americans and be available 52-weeks-a-year.  I believe the future will be brighter for the category by making consumer horticulture more relevant and accessible to all through changes in the retail format, consumer messaging and product development to reverse the declining trend in sales and annual shopping visits.

Consumer Horticulture must become a greater destination for those gardeners who would like a more holistic shopping experience and find products that encourage gardeners to continue to enjoy the activity as they age while providing a development space for the next generation of gardening products and services.

Horticulture is health care.

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