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Speaker: Laura Caldie, Digital Marketing & Nicole Castellano, Greenhouse Sales @ Maypop

Laura Tetley, Tammy Behm and Laura Caldie
Speaker: Laura Caldie, Digital Marketing & Nicole Castellano, Greenhouse Sales @ Maypop -
Speaker: Laura Caldie, Digital Marketing & Nicole Castellano, Greenhouse Sales @ Maypop -

Session Title: Instagram Masterclass: How to Maximize the Use of Instagram as a Powerful Sales, Marketing, and Customer Relationship Tool

Monday, July 12  4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Tuesday, July 13  11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

The Maypop Shop Marketing Team lays out the basics of how to build a digital following of engaged customers, with a focus on organic growth through Instagram. Learn more about proper hashtag usage, content creation theory, and the value of e-commerce integration through both personal stories and metrics. Leave with practical know-how on setting up your page for success, as well as a deeper understanding of how your social media presence can drive in-store foot traffic and online sales. 

Level: Intermediate           Type: Business Operations

Session Speakers:

Laura Caldie, Digital Marketing Director at Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop
Nicole Castellano, Greenhouse Sales Lead at Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop

Nicole Castellano,

Greenhouse Sales Lead Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop 

St. Louis, Missouri, born and raised and received my Bachelors in Public Relations from Webster University. In 2014, I moved to Denver, Colorado where I lived for almost six years moving through various marketing roles. From a marketing coordinator for an online music platform for DJs, to a social media specialist for a food service equipment ecomm company, ending with playing a major role in marketing a successful medicinal and adult-use cannabis dispensary. My green thumb and plant collection grew and I longed to make my passion my job. Moved back home in Winter of 2019, found Maypop in February of 2020 and was able to finally mesh my passion for plants with my digital marketing and social media knowledge. Laura and I make the best social media duo and meet weekly to build out content. Currently, I help create and post content for our Instagram and Facebook while being the Greenhouse Sale Lead, ensuring the greenhouse is in tip top shape! I love helping our fan base build their own plant collection and it's been wonderful to see the uptick in houseplant parents. I also own about 147 houseplants and counting...


Laura Caldie,

Digital Marketing Director Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop 

Originally from Southern Indiana, Laura attended IU Bloomington for Documentary Filmmaking while developing a healthy passion for community gardening on the side. She moved to St. Louis in 2013 to work at an Organic Farm School and eventually started managing the Edible plants department at a local garden center.

Laura collaborated in the launching of Maypop Shop in 2018 by helping develop the name, logo, and branding. Laura has been the lead of marketing ever since and focuses on community-oriented social media outreach to engage consumers. Under Laura’s leadership, Maypop has gone from 0 to 6k Facebook followers and 16.3k Instagram followers where they are averaging 100 new page followers per week!

Laura also manages the website, e-commerce store, social media team, graphic designs, and still finds time to help out on the sales floor engaging with customers and of course plants.

Maypop ..... Digital Marketing
Maypop Coffee & Garden Shop is a modern venue for simple and holistic living. We aim to demonstrate the ease of creating both living interior spaces & functional landscapes. We believe that our homes and yards can be a lush oasis of biodiversity that nourish, inspire, heal, & entertain when planted thoughtfully. And we're happy to share the knowledge to get you there. Our namesake, the Maypop, is a showy native vine whose stunning Summer blooms give way to an edible fruit. Flowers can be harvested and used medicinally, or left standing to supply nectar for local insects, bats, and hummingbirds. Also known as the Passionflower, this multi-functioned plant truly exemplifies the spirit of our garden shop.

Address:   803 Marshall Ave Webster Groves, MO 63119
Email:  hello@maypopshop.com     Contact:  
Phone:  (314) 764 - 2140   FAX: 


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