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HydraFiber Advanced Substrate .... Consistent, Reliable, Domestic & Sustainable
The latest innovation from Profile Products, a world leader that has proudly offered researched and proven soil / media solutions for many different markets for over 50 years.

The first substantial substrate innovation in almost 45 years, HydraFiber® is an approximately 98% porous fiber substrate with extremely low bulk density. HydraFiber is manufactured with our unique Thermally Refined® process that combines wood and bark and refines them in a pressurized vessel to create singulated, small-diameter, long, thin strands with large surface area (U.S. patent 10,266,457 and patents pending). With quality control and quality assurance checks every 30 minutes during production, HydraFiber is the same 365/24/7.

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The most progressive growers in the country have switched to HydraFiber because of its many advantages:

  • 10% to up to 36.6% more available water to every plant due to the higher surface area of our fibers
  • Better air space and improved root zone development
  • Expedited shipping available for all standard HydraFiber formulations
  • Locked-in contract pricing available
  • Arrives unfrozen and ready to use


We are experts in wood refining. Take a quick tour of the process.

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