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Speaker: Josh Schneider, Founder and CEO at Cultivaris

Session Title: Opportunities in Hemp Cultivation for the Floriculture Industry

Friday, July 9  10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Description:  Well-known from the ornamentals world, new plant guy Josh Schneider from Cultivaris Hemp will share with you his team’s experiences in the hemp industry, from navigating the difficulty of virus detection, developing clean stock and young plant production systems, to developing profitable programs for greenhouse cultivation of smokable flower.  

Level: Fundamental             Type: Growing

Josh Schneider

Founder and CEO at Cultivaris
Josh is a fearless innovator always pushing boundaries and working to improve upon the status quo.  Leading a large young plant sales, marketing and product development team early in his career gave Josh a passion for shepherding new ideas, programs and varieties to success in the marketplace.  His enthusiasm for fresh ideas in both ornamental and agricultural sectors of the global plant business has made him the driver behind countless new products and programs.  His experience founding and managing the global supply chain for the Global Breadfruit young plant tropical agricultural division of Cultivaris; his involvement in building out a reliable supply chain for hemp, and his years of work with ornamental plant breeders around the world have given him a strong understanding of domestic and international plant supply chains.  With 20+ years of hands-on experience in retail and wholesale international horticultural, Josh’s focus is to build on the accumulated knowledge and experience in the horticulture industry to reliably bring the best hemp varieties to farmers and growers across the country.

Cultivaris ... You get out of the field, what you put into the field.  
To become the premier supplier of hemp young plants, we must live true to our values and what Cultivaris stands for: building relationships and promoting education. In order to deliver a superior product and provide exceptional customer service, we work with breeders, farmers, extractors, and product companies to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with each facet of the industry. These connections not only support the individual but, the industry as a whole. It is through these dynamic connections that we can learn from each other and develop a body of knowledge to improve upon the industry’s systems and processes and create best practices. We strive to not just provide clean, virus-index clones but, also support the growth of the industry. By supporting university research projects and providing educational material on our blog, we seek out opportunities to innovate and build upon what has come before us.

Cultivaris is a global horticultural company with a focus on new product development and distribution. As a product and idea development enterprise, we are driven (some might say obsessed) with innovation. That passion doesn’t just guide our business—it is our business. This governs how we approach new ideas and products, which ideas we pursue, how we craft supply chains and our choice of partners globally.

Address:     1782 Titus St. San Diego, CA 92110
Email:    garry@cultivaris.com     Contact:   Garry Grueber
Phone:    760-802-0542   FAX:  760-695-1398


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