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Speaker: Markus Roggen, CEO of Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures

Session Title: What Hemp Growers Need to Know About Extraction, Purification, and Processing


The hemp plant offers a divers set of value streams, broadly categorized into CBD and related cannabinoids, seed oils, and fiber. Particularly, CBD products have experienced a massive growth. This session will introduce the audience to the different processing steps of extraction and purification, as well as the latest research developments in this exciting new sector of agriculture. 

This is a Hemp Conference at Cultivate on-demand session. Access to this session is included in your Hemp Conference registration. 

Level: Intermediate           Type: Growing

Markus Roggen,

CEO Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures 

Dr. Markus Roggen’s latest project, Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures, is a fundamental research laboratory and CRO for the cannabis and hemp industries. His research interests lie in the metabolite composition and behavior throughout the production cycle, extraction optimization, and development of innovative therapeutic formulations. Dr. Roggen received his M/Sci degree from Imperial College, London, UK in 2008. He then pursued his graduate degree in organic chemistry at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich (ETHZ), where he received his PhD in 2012. Dr. Roggen was awarded an DAAD postdoctoral fellowship to pursue further training in physical organic chemistry at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla from 2013-2014. He then entered the cannabis industry, at first as laboratory director for Davinci Laboratories of California, an analytical laboratory from 2014 to 2016. In 2016, he moved into an executive position overseeing production, R&D and process optimization for OutCo, a vertically integrated cannabis company. Dr. Roggen is also a trusted advisor and mentor to multiple startups, startup accelerators and organizations. Positions include advisory positions at MediPharm Labs, a Canadian LP, Bloom Automation, a cannabis robotics company, and former co-chair of the NCIA Scientific Advisory Committee.

Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures ... Advanced Analytical Testing
Complex Biotech Discovery Ventures (CBDV) is a licensed cannabis and psilocybin research laboratory focused on chemical process development, analytical testing, and extraction optimization. We are dedicated to bringing a rigorous scientific foundation to the cannabis and psilocybin industries through our innovative research initiatives and consulting services. We offer a wide range of scientific services and expertise involving all aspects of chemistry.

Address:   Vancouver, BC
Email:  info@cbdvl.com     Contact:  
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