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Speaker: Todd Downing, Co-Founder and a Managing Partner Best Human Capital & Advisory Group

Session Title: Succession Planning When There is No Succession

Sunday, July 11  2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

According to recent surveys, 80% of business owners have no transition plan or have not documented or even communicated a succession plan. It gets even more complicated when there are no family members ready or willing to take over the business. What is clear is that the best business transitions begin early and go smoother when there is a team of people working in tandem to maximize the value of the business and enhance it for a change. We will look at preparation and planning steps, as well as value-building, optimizing and transitional strategies to use when there is no family or heir apparent to take over the reins of your operation. We also will address your emotional readiness and review actions you can start to take today that will make your business and you more transition ready. It is hard to transition when no one is in place to take over, but that doesn’t mean the planning should stop. It is more important than ever to get started. 

Level: Progressive                Type: Business Operations

Session Speakers:

Todd Downing, Co-Founder and a Managing Partner at Best Human Capital & Advisory Group
Chris Cimaglio, Managing Partner at Best Human Capital & Advisory Group
Ben Molenda, Human Capital Advisor at Best Human Capital & Advisory Group

Session Title: Common Sense Answers About Employee Compensation and Total Rewards

Description: On Demand

No matter what area of human resources you work in, a general foundation and understanding of compensation is important to have as compensation supports and links to many other programs and functions in HR.  In this session, you will gain an understanding of what the elements of a pay program are to include, common compensation terms, compensation philosophy, various types of direct compensation, the pay budget, types of job evaluation, process for market pricing, pay structure design, and communicating and evaluating compensation. It is no secret that well-structured compensation plans an important role in attracting, retaining, and motivating top talent. 

This session is part of the Cultivate’21 on-demand package. Access to this package is available through separate purchase. To learn more about how to purchase the Cultivate’21 on-demand education package go to AmericanHort.org/Cultivate/On-demand. 

Level: All Audiences        Type: Business Operations

Session Speakers:

Todd Downing, Co-Founder and a Managing Partner at Best Human Capital & Advisory Group
Cassandra Faurote, CEO and Founder at Total Reward Solutions

Downing, Todd

Co-Founder and a Managing Partner Best Human Capital & Advisory Group 

Todd Downing has enjoyed over 30 years of industry experience, including over a decade working as a talent acquisition and human resource advisor. His skills include advising and assisting companies with evaluating, developing and executing strategic hiring plans; behavioral-based assessment; building and reorganizing corporate teams; onboard planning; evaluating and negotiating compensation standards; succession planning; and retention strategies. Todd is currently also a Co-Founder and a Managing Partner of BEST.

Retained Executive Search and Strategic Human Resources Solutions for Horticultural Industry
BEST is a business advisory and executive search firm focused on the horticulture industry. Our networks and relationship with clients and candidates allow us to truly understand the human capital and industry challenges that affect your business. The BEST Team has decades of combined experience within the Horticulture industry, cultivating relationships from section growers to industry thought leaders. These partnerships allow BEST to stay current on the industry’s needs and share ideas, processes, and solutions to move our industry forward through BEST Retained Executive Search and Business/Human Resource Advisory Services.

BEST has delivered high-level, critical hires and human capital advisory for growers and horticultural support companies and organizations worldwide. We believe that recruiting and human capital advisory are a science, not a transaction. Our process is based on a consultative, trusted advisor relationship with our partners. Leveraging our industry expertise and constant communication with our network contacts, we match the right people with the right companies and identify human capital solutions for your organizational health. We provide practical tools and experienced thought leaders to manage risk and inject health and energy into their companies. At BEST, our talented advisory team provides cost-effective, value-added solutions to improve your HR effort, financial position, and your overall operations, including employee engagement, leadership, exit planning, workforce planning, and HR audits.

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Succession & Exit Planning for the Horticultural Industry  
BEST provides horticulture business leaders, owners, and their advisors, with a practical and organized approach to preparing you for the transition of your life. Are you ready? Are you planning to exit and sell your business? Exit planning is quickly becoming a buzzword in the legal and financial communities. Your professional advisors are positioning themselves to provide tax, risk management, wealth management, and contract preparation services. BEST Exit Plan Advisors have been trained to manage your team of tax, legal, business, and financial planners to navigate your optimal exit strategy. We work for you, ensuring you have a proper and beneficial exit. We properly assess your readiness, provide business valuation, plan, and lead your professional team through a collaborative process focused on supporting and accomplishing your exit planning objectives.

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Executive Search & Hort Business Advisory -- Company Overview (PDF)
The BEST Team assesses your company both today and for tomorrow to provide a long-term strategic hiring plan. Let us provide solutions to the needs of finding and retaining your human capital.

We all need someone to lean on— Lean on us!

Our experienced team of Human Capital Advisors and Human Resource Advisory Experts work with a variety of companies in our targeted industries. They are incredibly adept at recruiting the right professionals for your needs. Candidates also know they’re in good hands because communications are always in a timely and professional manner.

  • We are not transactional.
  • We are not headhunters.
  • We are not contingency recruiters.

We are your total talent and HR solution identifying professionals that align with the culture, behaviors, and results valued by your organization.

Who is Behind the BEST? Meet the leadership and experts that are growing a genuinely different model in executive search and business advisory (and having some fun doing it too).

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